Monday, August 22, 2005

bisa rasa..........

adakah sendu itu sayu
adakah kuyu itu layu
adakah batu itu kaku
adakah itu ini perlu
siapa dia hakim?
laksana menentu qada'ku menggubal qadarku
merangkulku dan menghunusku
menobatku ratu, sahaya juga aku
ahhhh! ludahkan saja biar sakit
telankan saja biar perit
meskipun waktu membahagi jauh
mengapa jasad terdorong patuh
pabila keraguan kian utuh
mewajib jiwaku jatuh
emosi tidak terasuh
lantas rapuh
makhluk beridentiti manusia
hiduplah atas paksi usia
fikirlah bawah yang dicita
jangan yang digenggam bolos
yang digapai itu kabus

Monday, August 15, 2005

heAven on eArth !!!!!!

crazyly beautiful + amazingly fabulous = ^reDang^
so swimmers, diVe iN~~~ >>> (",)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

nanananana__ganu kiter~!

pulau redang here i come... hehehe.. thats the destination i finally decided to 'cuti2 malaysia' this semester.. so starting tomorrow..dah jadik gadis pulau arr.. balik tanned... cehHH~ hahahaha... mengarut je dBa nih... bubuiii...wish me lotsa fun..
tp sdey sket sbb i didnt manage to bring my closest friends along due to some unavoidable reasons.. pity huh~

Thursday, August 04, 2005

hell-messed gurl *tingtong****

looking back to whut i've done to some ppl, they dont deserve to be treated as such.its not like i keep on buggin them wif my probs (eh, ye jugak), but somehow i just havta depent or rely to somebody.. and eventualy, it is them who i most preferred. i tried hard not to burden ppl, i rather to be burdened (honest!) but no matter what i do, whut i did, whut i plan to do... the result always goes the other way around.. sick!! knape la nasib aku slalu *kiok*... plus my physical illness n mental disorder= just great~ ehm,recently i hav a few misunderstandings..

wif somebody, actually we understand each other (i think..) but the problem is.. we didnt confront our prob.i dont even notice that we have a prob until (",) mentioned it to someone who luckily told me bout it.. i never consider (",) a problem or a burden to me..but (",) thinks so..but i do think that i am a burden to (",) and selalu menyusahkan dia.. so both of us like blaming ourselv for menyusahkan the other party, and think that the best solution is to take a step back from each other, so that it brings to "aku taknak nyusahkan ko dah"...maybe we prefer it to be kept and settle sendiirik2...which i agree is ssoooooo not the best way.. (as if i hav other options ek?) pk2 balik macam bangang je... a friend of mine slalu cakap..dia nak lagakan je kepala aku ngan (",) so that dua2 bleh think straight again.. (i think u shud fren,hihi) ... but things happened and i dunno how to turn it back to normal.. so whut i wud do now (the least i can do) is hoping and praying.. (",) for the very best ... i dont mean to hurt (",) hurts me to hurt (",)...

Monday, August 01, 2005


first of all..HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all my friends out there.. i really cheerish lasting friendship..i do.. and treasure all the memories that we have shared,along the rocky road each of us hav been tru. i know as we all r heading different ways, we seldom hav time to show how much we missed each otha, how much we really wanted to see each otha.. actually its not that we r lack of time..but actually..urm,how to say.. we made some new friends..yah, new friends to entertain n hangout wif.. dont lie,sometimes we forget our friends back in school.. but when the time comes.. feel tuh datang now.. a friend of mine is organizing a reunion.. i really feel that i wanna go..but in the same time.. i dont think that im ready to face them all... i dont think i have a face to show them.. my life hav been really sux especialy around this few weeks...

problem..everybody got their own problem.. whut differs is how we manage matter how big or small.. the way you handle it that matters.. i know, its easy for me to say..i also failed in handling now so lost that i dont know whuts the idea of suddenly going to the computer lab and updating my blog..where im suppose to be back at my room resting.. i really am not well.. i can sum it all up with the statement "i lost 4 kg in one week".. i lost my appetite.. and now im losing my guts as well as my will.... i just dont know who can i trust.. utk tolong dba.. who will not hesitate to lend me an ear everytime i need a listener,who give me the stare thats inspire me to be stronger..who doesnt complaint why im crying so hard that i should have try to overcome this problem harder... im talking rubbish am i???????? i lost myself..whut shud i do..... =(