Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mamma Mia!!!!!!!

While d tickets were selling like goreng pisang panas,a theater n musical fan like me rilex ja..Sbnrnye xcited juge,but time slps raya itu ada sedikit financial constraint ghitu..bile gaji bln sbelas dh masuk..seats sumer dh sold out n ive decided utk tidak pi... isk3... kuciwa..

Nk dijadikan cerita..sedang aku browse2 minggu lps, i bumped to this one seller who wana sell his mamma mia tix.. But i didnt opt for bidding,instead i juz email Mr. "Buyfromme2011 " saying how interested i am wif d tix..Fortunately, last Friday,i received an email from him saying tht if i want d tix,meet him @ Midvalley tht noon,cash on delivery. Wpun, lagi satu jam stengah je nk tgh hari, I terus sejutu saja!!!

He's selling d tix bcoz he has to work on tht day,he's from Penang...
Juz my luck =)

Hari yg ditunggu telah tiba..Dr opis aku teruslah ke Istana Budaya seorang diri,sumbil humming lagu2 Abba yg aku hapal.. Nih first time dok seat kt Upper Circle @ Level 3.. Tinggi,but still clear view wpun jauh sket..Amoi yg dok sblh aku ialah fwenly n cool.. Crowd ialah kurang happening sbb time chorus2, performers sumer intentionally nyanyi slow supaya audience yg nyanyi reramey..but ended up dgr suara aku (yg sgt njoy bersama diri sendiri) n amoi sebelah nih jehh.. Syiok ala2 Dancing Queen la plak!! Seriuss... "Feel the beat from the tamborine..Lalalala.."

Yg lain mcm blurr x phm.. or mayb bkn Abba fans kot,so x ingat lirik..@ mayb bnyk generation Y kot .. hehehe..

All in all, wpun x up to my expectation, (sbb prop dia x bnyk tukar n lantai tak gerak2..) still ia mmg best.. Abba ialah layaannnzzz =)

View from my seat

Mamma mia, here I go again

My my, how can I resist you?

Mamma mia, does it show again?

My my, just how much Ive missed you

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cuti2 Wiken Itu =) Part II

Lps aja pi Majlis Fiza tunang, straight p jumpa my nenek n my sisters, Naimah & Zakiah. Wanati (kakak aku) pi kenduri kwn dia aka. wifey si Bojed kiter..Bak kata Yus, kakak aku pun begitu memuji keindahan panorama pelaminnyerr..Sooo flowery.. (Curik gmbr dr blog yus,hihihi)

Oleh kerana siang itu sudah letih, aku beli Domino's pizza aja sbagai dinner. Ukw, everytime i order Domino's slalulah ku berharap agar ia lambat smpai- if dine in within 15 mins,delivery 30 mins..Kalo x, dpt regular pizza satu percuma..

Tuna tempatation - My fav =)

Minah tu lah amik order,minah tu jgk lah buat pizza
n bread aku..Tp dia clean,baik punyo..

Sunday pagi plak Zaim (my only Bro) came over.Kitorg cari wheel chair utk Atok..Bnyk merata tmpt kitorg cari: Hospital Pusrawi,Tawakal,HKL,Farmasi Guardian,Vitacare,Poliklinik..letih btol..Last2 jumpa gak satu kt Farmasi @ Chow Kit..(Sumber dr akak Klinik Minerva,Sentul) Kitorg beli gak sbb tgk bendalah tu ok,within budget (around rm600), ringan n bleh lipat2.. So mmg sgt convinient bwk Atok jln2 around KL n Putrajaya ptg itu..

Atok, ibah n d cool blue mobilizer
Hari senin ialah Maal Hijrah n we r goin for a WAR! (apa kaitan nye tuh..) Kitrg p main paintball kt Rimba Harmonis, area Gombak saner..Since my other 2 sisters, Nadiah n Irah sorang kt Melaka sorg kt Penang, so we invited Abg Amir,not-so-soon-to-b family mmber (Amin...) join cukupkan korum..

Diskas strategi - Zakiah, Naimah,Wanati,Abg Amir n Zaim

Peace !!

Peace lg !! (mcm monki la plak)

Three tier capuk - Attempt failed..

For first timer mcm aku,paintball is oklah,fun..But depends on ur opponents jgk,mcm kitorg dpt enemy yg kaki tipoo,dah kena tembak pun wat xtahu,takmo amik nyawa kt kubu balik..aper,ingat immortal ker?!stupid. Geram lg sbb sekor mamat ni tembak kepala aku 2 kali smpai benjol bsr..arrghh, aku hangin!!! Lagi x follow rules,mana leh tembak dekat2..Mmg time tu dia slmt kena maki.. (Ish,wat naik temperature aku jer) Seb baik kitorang menang...Apapun,ive heard a much more better battlefields,both indoor n outdoor kt msia nih.. n its a must-try-thing for all indeed..

Cuti2 Wiken Itu =)

Bwk kwn2 mkn2 kt pondok di Naili's Sentul.
Gossip Girls - From left: Meeda,Dba,Umie & Tasha
Tomyam Udang Beratur
Esoknya kitorg pi Majlis Pertunangan Fiza (Uni10 Buddy) & Aris.. Congrats u olss!

Nk cincin jgk..hihihi


* Cupcakes for Fiza Aris*

Friday, December 26, 2008

Cuci & Rintis Gunung Rajah, Pahang

Smlm tdo dr Maghrib smpai Subuh pagi tadi..Mmg x sedar langsung sehh,letih sgt.. What i did d previous day? Nih dia...

Program Rintis & Pembersihan Gunung Rajah
organized by Xplorer Adventure Sdn Bhd

Total volunteers dlm 60 x termasuk crew n guide. Aku tulong2 depa register kt KL Sentral..Pastu tgk2 kn depa naik bas pi Bentong.. Ktrg drive, smpai sana tulong2 pack2 ration,last minute preparation, admin matters etc..Dpt lena dlm 2 jam je dlm kreta,participants tdo kt luar sejuk gile, sblh air terjun Chamang ler katakan..

Ration for distribution

Apsal aku je yg ceria semacam?? X sedar diri x mandi dr smlm =p

Flag off

Lepas breakfast,diorang cabut undi, masuk kumpolan,ikut guide masing2 masok gunong..Ktrg plan nk mandi manda dulu kt air terjun tapi x sempat sbb memasing nk rush pi kenduri kawin.. Dgn tak mandi dan baju smlm itu lah aku ke kenduri kawin.. Peace =) hihihi... Seb baik aku x kenal saper yg kawin tuh..Member aku punyer member punyer gf punye abang kawin.. lalalala...x phm takpe.. chanchinchauuuu

Seperti hidup di dalam bingkai gambar dekat dgn katilmu

Like living inside d frame near ur bed
I can c u but u r untouchable
When u leave, my mind fall asleep
When u lay, my eyes do not blink
I miss u but i can do nothing
I need u coz u r my everythg
Prayin so hard tht u wud look back n smile
Even u r here i still miss u like Nile
I breath d air tht smells like u
I want u if tht is d last thing i do
Beyond this 4 walls i still believe
U n me, we r meant 2 b...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trusmadi xpedition

June 2008 marked significant memories for 11 central bankers s they have successfully climbed d summit of Mount Trusmadi, Sabah, Malaysia’s 2nd highest mountain. Unlike Mount Kinabalu which ascent is relatively easy, Mount Trusmadi is much tougher to climb & is reputed to have d best view & d seldom-seen south face of Mount Kinabalu.

We arrived @ KK ,check-in @ Budget Hotel & straight went shopping for food and souveniers.

Nyummy fresh seafoods

@ Fillipino Market - crazy beautiful pearls & crystals

Since we didnt get d permit to climb on d following day, we decided to experience ourselves d unique mud volcano bath at Pulau Tiga, where d first season of “Survivor” was filmed.

Dont b surprise!!! This is not swamp thing ok!

From shore u need to trek around 1.5km into d jungle.The most wonderful thing about this mudbath session is d sense of free floating. I felt a bit difficult to control my body to stay put. Tumbling around back n forth,u can never estimate how deep d thick cement look-a-like pond is..


(another 2 minutes we will b self-made statues)

From Tambunan,2 hours ride in a 4x4 to d starting point. Trekking in coldness, every drop of rain made our 20kg plus knapsacks heavier..

(Looking so amateur)

Rainin heavily everyday n stop ONLY at nite
As everybody arrived, the sun was setting down. Fortunately, the rain stopped and the majestic view of Gunung Kinabalu was revealed. We slept through the night filled with our own-cooked food, recharging for the final assault of Trusmadi peak.

After breakfast, we started our exploration of amazingly beautiful trail headed for d peak. Wif rain accompanying us without fail, many sections we had to walk in line on a slower pace as d trail were almost 90 degrees slope with only a half-inch nylon rope for support. I even encountered experience with snake while climbing the steep rocky alley. We touched down @ summit feelin xtraordinary satisfied. While some busy taking pictures, some others enjoy every sip of ginseng energy drink they carried all d way up!

During descent, still it was raining. Our knapsacks got heavier and heavier by d hour. We were so exhausted n shivering, having our heads down avoiding rain slapping our face. In extreme pressure and energy-sapping, the rain still didn't stop. Hurrying along the saddle, sense of relief emerged as d day began to fade. We safely reached an abandoned old house, which for us no less than a palace. That night we finished most of our ration while exchanging stories with the guides.

We considered ourselves being rewarded for d hardship and struggle as we resumed our adventure a bit leisure. We spent a night at d Borneo Proboscis River Lodge, to c d Proboscis Monkey “live”. We also experience the breathtaking view of fireflies @ nite. The next day, from mangrove forest to d sea side,we were mesmerized by the beautiful sunset at Tempurung Beach..

For Sofaz album-cover competition
There goes d xpedition, sound like more "feel"than thrill huh? Hehehe..

@ KK - Precise 108m ok!!