Wednesday, December 17, 2008

January - May 2008

First time menjejakkn kaki di bumi seberang.. Jakarta =)
- “Macet total” means xtreme traffic jam..
- Nasi padang @ Restoran Garuda was good..
- Jakarta also got SOGO..

- First bite of JCo donuts (in KL, d queue is terribly long back then)

Jamu Fear Factor = pahit+pedas+manis = weird.

- First time mkn jamu.. 'ibu' tuh bilang jamu bagus bangat utk langsing,seri wajah, kesuburan dan mcm2.. Makan yukk!! (pastuh CB seminggu ok, mmg xtra langsing 2 kg ok..)


14 February Surprise2!!
First time dpt delivery kt office..


Free trials all out @ Fitness Centres!!

Believe it or not, i went to 4 different fitness centres and subscribe to their free trials =) Ada yg valid for 2 weeks, ada yg last for 1 months. It was sooo much fun to join different types of classes from Body Combat to Salsa.. But in d end, i didnt attached myself to any one of it since we already have our own gym wif more or less similar facilities (i.e. pool,jacuzzi,sauna,steam bath n massage) at BNM's club house..But actually the main reason is bcoz its FREE.. hahaha. Tp the downside is takde abg gym yg ..ehemm.. =P nah, kiddin.


Konsert Jelajah Malaysia - Peterpan 2008

Mengembalikan nostalgia futus cynta zaman persekolahan.. Ngeh2..Cool jgk konsert nih, yg tak cool ialah segelintir "bapak2" bukan warganegara itu..Well,mmg dh bajet pun..

Nidji @ Zouk this weekend = nk p bleh?

Langkawi Wilderness Challenge :

My first ever adventure race........
I blame Apau (my partner in blue tuh) sbb expose i to it n now i xcited nk join sume race yg ada.. hehehe.. Next year Limau dh book i jadi partner dia, but subject to availability lah kan - Not mine, yours.. =(

The dicipline for slow n steady category is basically kayaking, running,roping n sum obstacle/test.. Plan to join yg fast n furious category plak next time..

Perasan iron lady lah konon..

Not bad for an amateur rite..
Dapat voucher worth of RM1200..

My Ford Footer Records =

15KM New Balance Pacesetters Run

- 54th place, 1hr 45 mins.

Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Half Marathon 2008

- 17th place, 2hr 02 mins.

Naik Mata Malaysia

Anak zul with anak yatim dr kuang..