Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Harijadi BNM ke-50, Kelisa Ranger Mishaps, Balik Tapah, Cameron To Johor

BNM is celebrating its 50th Anniversary..Line of events have been scheduled.. Central Banks Governors, Speakers and invitees from around the world will be gathering in KL from 6 - 12 January.. I was one of the Gift Committee.. Its soooo not as easy and 'fun' as it sounds ok.. We were responsible to provide selections of gifts for our Gov to decide (mostly things that reflect Malaysia's culture and heritage like songket, pewter Gambus,batik bag, org Asli handmade bookmarks etc.. we must ensure the right people receive the correct gifts, obtain measurement of Governors for their Baju Batik, delivery of gifts to hotel, stock taking, stock counting, prepare the conference bag and materials, jadi usherer pun ada jgk.. Mcm2..

But dalam bz2 tuh.. mula la tak sedap badan.. migrain.. bnyk plak external factors yg bagi dugaan.. Skali itu hari, ini petang, aku accident.. First time in my life.. Hujan lebat and jem.. Di Jalan Mahameru itu aku terlelap dan gedebum aku langgar kreta satria hijo kt depan aku neh.. But i was lucky sebab akak driver tu sempoi..wpun bumper dia mcm nk roboh sebelah..dia ckp kt aku "rilex, akak dah biasa langgar2 org neh.." Syukur x yah bayar dia or p balai.. But pity Kelisa Ranger kena masuk bengkel.. Bumper and grill pecah, tepi lampu pecah, frame depan and hud terhimpit ke dalam..Seb baik x kena carburator.. But dugaan still ada.. konon nyer nk support bagi bisnes kt org 'kite" tapi mekanik tu bikin ntahhapehape.. poor quality & poor service giler... Dah la cat tak rata, terkopek plak tempat crack, bumper blakang plak jatuh, hud yg dia ketuk n cat tak balance kiri dgn kanan.. Dissappointed sgt.. Bile komplen nk buat appointment repair balik, smpai 2 minggu lebih baru dpt.. Hurm.. Sabar separuh dari iman kan..

Weekend itu ada coti extra on Monday, coz Hari Wilayah Persekutuan. Apa lagi, balik la Tapah.. Setelah dekat 2 bln x balik, paling lama since aku start keje kt KL nih.. Itu pun senang sebab tumpang Zul and Limau yg follow Abg Zairin p kayuh beskal kt Cameron.. Kelisa Ranger masuk bengkel kann....

When i look at these pictures and hear stories on how the trip goes, i felt excited and i juz knew tht i should try this.. Lagi2 ada org encourage.. i cant wait to follow Abd Zairin's trip with Apau & Limau and more than 20 mountain bikers to Thompson Trail this coming 13 to 15 March.. Besides, my new "baby" is arriving pretty soon.. YeaY, nak dating di Ladang Teh =)

Minggu seterusnya, tanggal 5 February Limau sudah pass itu JPJ driving test... Finally, ada lesen!! So Limau's first trip jalan jauh is to Johor, one of his best friends' wedding..

One of my bestfriend wedding pun on the 7th Feb jugak, tapi mlm.. So Jumaat tu we decided utk attend kwn masing2 punye wedding.. Pagi Sabtu tu Limau call ckp baru nk cari tiket bas.. X sampai ati la plak tgk dia menyusahkan diri.. Terus la kami memecut Kelisa Ranger ke Negeri Darul Takzim itu.. lps setel2 kt umah pengantin, pecut balik KL balik.. On the way balik tuh, we overlooked the meter.. rupenye minyak dah E.. lebih dari E pun sbenarnye.. Dahla kat johor tu exit @ RNR dia jauh jauh from one to another.. Dalam kegelabahan Limau bawak slow2... sampai la kitrg jmpe RNR apentah stelah stengah jam lebih meroyan bwk 60km sejam..

Nenas kat sini sirius mmg lagi lazat dari limau... hehehe

Birthday Dinner @ Las Carretas 28/01/09

Time birthday Limau, we never actually have the time to celebrate it esp.with cake. That is why i've planned a not-so-surprise dinner for him at Las Carretas, a mexican restaurant at Jln Semantan..(Opposite IBBM & CIMB Bank building tuh).

The 'syiok' thing here is the way birthdays are celebrated..Sum of u must be picturing the surprise birthdays usually held at TGI Friday etc.. Where the crew will gather around and sing "happy birthday to u".. But its a little bit different here..Apart from Limau getting a complementary cake with candles lit on, they started off with cheeky mexican song like "La Bamba"..They were playing guitars and singing around us.. and all the crews (even the kitchen crews) and other diners were singing and clapping along.. And the best part is, Limau need to wear a BIG mexican hat..and DANCE to the beat! hehehhe.. While Limau is about to blow his candle, a crew jumped in and asked Limau to pose. He snapped Limau's picture and after everythg settled down, we were surprised by a neatly done card with Limau's picture inside it.. Im so glad that what we get is beyond my expectation..


The food is good (walaupun ramai org ckp overpriced..)

1) Wagyu cheeks (My fav nyum2)
2) Charbroiled Veal Striploin (Veal is the meat of calves aka. young cattle taken from a cow's offspring and slaughtered before it reaches one year old. Though Veal can be produced from any calf, most Veal comes from male calves of dairy cattle breeds. Compared to other meats, Veal has a delicate taste and tender texture)
3) Poppers (Deep Fried Battered Jalapenos Stuffed With Four Types of "Quesos" & Served On A Bed Of Shredded Lettuce With Tomato Salsa)

4) Crema de Champinones with truffles (Smoothered Mushroom Soup) - The best mushroom soup i've tasted... ;P

5) Nachos with 2 spicy dippings

6) Home Made Brownies

The staff is soo friendly and fun

The interior is fancy but yet can be romantic

The service can be personalised (table setting, birthday surprise, occasion etc)

Ive always luv to go there...especially with gurlfrens during friday lunch time.. =)