Thursday, December 08, 2005

out of my mind.....again????

its been some times i havent think of a person this much
im longing for his SMS that seems like forever
to know that my birthday exist in his reminder
he cross my mind more than my stomach signals for food
tell you,i actually dont know much bout this dude
i think me and him totally contradict
im not sure the extent he would tolerate with it
fear me not the fact that people do change
im a big gurl kan? i can face that constraint (yahrite..)
sum to all i am still being me
take it or leave it, in my heart he will be.....



ellow my blog, its been so long.not tht my schedule as tite as paris hilton (y d heck tht her name crossed? but finally i recognized her as a caleB..) maybe after all this raya thing, not only im too lazy to move a muscle..but my nerves also gettin lazy to send pulse to my brain.the fact tht its biologically always lackof oxygen tht routinely makes sleeping as my fav behavior, things are pretty critical now..ayoo...