Wednesday, May 22, 2013

syukur for the 3 years of wonderful times

Happy 3rd anniversary!
Reminder to us:

* Always strive to b a better Muslim
* Always pray for our parents and do whatever that makes them happy
*Always learn to b a good papa and mama to our captain adorable, Aqil
* Remember that our rezeki should be shared
* Lets practice constructive criticism and instill more patience (for myself!)
* Cooperation and teamwork is vital. (e.g Since im so bad in 'pujuk memujuk, u need to start first..(this doesnt mean tht my ego is super high ok, huhuhu).. or since Aqil loves me more, u shud spend more time changing his diaper to develop dad-son bonding,hehehe)
* God had brought us together and thats simply the best thing i can ever asked for.. 

*** Hey!! what about English day 3 times a week!!!?? hihihi.. muahhxx