Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kembali dan terus ke Ironbound

Wahhh.. lama giler x update.. been bz with sooo many things.. especially setelah kembalinya saudara Limau dr Uzbek.. Dia balik 13 hb januari arituh, fetch kt airport..bleh plak mcm x cam each other..Sebab? Hahaha, sebab..masing2 dah cengkung.. i lost 4 kg in 2 weeks of so called intensive training (kena paksa dgn Bad..).. Dba jog 1 hr everyday n on weekends i make it 2hrs,sejam pagi sejam ptg.. On top of the physiotherapy tht i did.

Kt airport terus ada org tuh suruh carbo-loading bnyk2 - giler sabotaj~!

Medan Mencari Penyakit..

Race took place on 18th, so d day before we checked-in @ Taiping Golf Resort, d same place where all racer need to register, check equipments and do the pre-race abseilling thingy..

(the minimum compulsory equipment that you must have with you at all times during the race)
Climbing / bicycle helmet with CE or UIAA certification
Climbing sit harness with CE or UIAA certification
(2) two locking carabiners
(1) one abseil device figure eight / tubular belay device like ATC
(1) sling (1min:60cm)
(1) perussic cord (min 5mm diameter, 1.5m long )
Day pack with hydration fluid system (min 2lit)
(2) two buoyancy aid or life vest (team of two)

Medical checkup

Baru check equipment dah muka cuak =P

Briefing by Sham - Taiko NSR Adventure..

Diskusi sirius - strategi kunun2..

The faces of those who dares...
Racers from left: Dila, Bad (my partner), Mundzir, Limau, Diba, Zole & Mejar Kalam..

Run for my life..

Different style of raft maneuvering -
Ada yg sorg duduk, sorg kayuh..Ada yg 2-2 swim smbil tolak..
But none i see is using the bamboo stick to paddle.. Hehehe..
Her style.. is actually my style too.. hihihi..

Some of the racers got lost in the jungle

Berlari naik Bukit Larut being towed is insane..

If u think getting down is easy...
Think again.......

Tongga tow Jaja like Bad Tow Dba (if u can see ada tali merah connecting them..
They got 3rd place. Congrats!

The risk of telentang, telungkup, pacat and duri is everywhere

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going..

Last obstacle after the Zoo "mystery" test - Bamboo crossings..

(Zoo "memory" test sounds more precise to me coz we were actually required to remember the scientific names of sum specific animals like hystrix brachyura (malaysian porcupine) and cerathotherium simum simum (white rhinos).. **fuhhh

Juara Mixed Team - Tok Din & Partner ..
Proven made of iron.. My highest respect to them..

Mengimbas kenangan porter kat Nepal dulu..

My team managed to cross the finish line before d cut off time of grueling 8 hours.. I cant believe tht we were at sum point leading the race.. Being ahead is pressure, to maintain ahead is worse i think. But all in all, in summary, sucha a rewarding experience..

Trio Reunited - While waiting for prize giving.. Muka lega sebab dah abisss..

After a few races ive joined (WLC,PIC,Trailblazer,IB etc), i met so many wonderful ppl.. Indeed an open platform for anybody, sports enthusiast, explorer, supporter etc. to gather and hav fun.. Play and Pay - For Pain??!! Hehehe.. Still, for me, it worth every penny. .

Achap - Stok2 Not-so-Available Rower/Bachelor Malaya mcm Zole..
and also Fav Coach among UIA students i bet =P

Afong n Partner - Sucha sweetheart <3<3<3

Tongga3! - The Bionic Man =)

Jaja - Sirius gurL PoweR - Salut~!

Doc Hisyam - He's soo cool - Checkout his blog @

And fellow friends that i hav bumped into before
in PIC and program Rintis & Cuci Gunung Rajah.. =)

That is all on ironbound.. i know its kinda mellow already but x kesah lah.. To wrap it up, here is the link to the official result
(Walaupun x puas hati sket dgn "gorgonizer" event nih, siapalah daku utk bersuare..)
Walking evidence...
Kan aku dh ckp Limau dah ada isi sikit... SEE!!

(Sorry gmbr dBa menempel kt situ.. xde gmbr lain yg similar position)

Special thanks to Abg Zairin & Kimi for catching us in action, plus

Doc Hisyam & one of the Koma Members for sum of their pictures.. tht i "borrow" =P