Thursday, August 04, 2005

hell-messed gurl *tingtong****

looking back to whut i've done to some ppl, they dont deserve to be treated as such.its not like i keep on buggin them wif my probs (eh, ye jugak), but somehow i just havta depent or rely to somebody.. and eventualy, it is them who i most preferred. i tried hard not to burden ppl, i rather to be burdened (honest!) but no matter what i do, whut i did, whut i plan to do... the result always goes the other way around.. sick!! knape la nasib aku slalu *kiok*... plus my physical illness n mental disorder= just great~ ehm,recently i hav a few misunderstandings..

wif somebody, actually we understand each other (i think..) but the problem is.. we didnt confront our prob.i dont even notice that we have a prob until (",) mentioned it to someone who luckily told me bout it.. i never consider (",) a problem or a burden to me..but (",) thinks so..but i do think that i am a burden to (",) and selalu menyusahkan dia.. so both of us like blaming ourselv for menyusahkan the other party, and think that the best solution is to take a step back from each other, so that it brings to "aku taknak nyusahkan ko dah"...maybe we prefer it to be kept and settle sendiirik2...which i agree is ssoooooo not the best way.. (as if i hav other options ek?) pk2 balik macam bangang je... a friend of mine slalu cakap..dia nak lagakan je kepala aku ngan (",) so that dua2 bleh think straight again.. (i think u shud fren,hihi) ... but things happened and i dunno how to turn it back to normal.. so whut i wud do now (the least i can do) is hoping and praying.. (",) for the very best ... i dont mean to hurt (",) hurts me to hurt (",)...