Tuesday, March 22, 2005

yexhausteday = yesterday xtremely an exhausted day

hayyoo..... when i recall bout whut happened on sunDay, i wish i didnt wake up late because of altering this blog.. i didnt go to sepang..d*mn frustrated, thanks to my 'generous' unCLe..he stayed at my house for 2 nites, alah just visiting... n i followed him back to kL as i was heading back to Muadzam on tht particular sunday s well.. he already had 2 GS tickets wif him yet he refused to go,he said"alah, kalo skrg ni br bertolak dr perak,sure x sempat,dgn jln jem lg..x syok" ..i beg him to giv those tickets to me tapi H to d A to d R to d A.M..... geram betul... he asked me to take d earliest bus to muadzam which is at 6, his reason "dba kan demam lgpun bahaya gurls balik lewat2 mlm.."___huaAAa.. things became worse when i reached puduraya n noticed tht i missed d bus.. d next bus is at 11.30pm..so i hav 5 hours tht i know wud be filled wif my crazy alternatives of escaping stress..hahaha...i decided to go somewhere tht i can rest n chill.. my 1st option is go to kLcc n tido jap kt masjid sane..tp mcm da boring je..so i went to times square, i never been thr.. tp ive heard there got this biggest wayang in south east asiA.. so nk try usha tgk... i watched citer kartun ROBOTS..nice....but d thing tht i wana highlight here is d screen is so BIG..no its not big..its gigantic...no..its more thn tht...its enormously huge!!! my seat kt blkg skali, tp even dok blkg pun dba rase x cukup mata to see the screen side to side..its so big tht i cant even see the translation!!! (its not tht im too short ok..mind u..hehehe =p ) ... along the way i eat n eat n eat some more.. i went back to pudu but how "DBA: series of unfortunate event" betol lah... d bus was delayed untill 12.45...huaaAA..."tensen harah" (dah lama x guna ayat tuh... but thanks to d driver (i think he got d potential to replace coultard next season..hihi) smpai cpt jugak...nk jadikan crita lagi..d gate was locked n there stood the 3 of us calling pakgad, makgad,kakakgad, abg gad anygad..tp x de sape kat dlm pondok pengawal tuh..but d problem is, my ear managed to decode some tunes from SINAR.FM.. dgn x puas hati dan tak tahan lagi, dba pon panjat pagar depan apartment tuh, slamba... rupe2nyer.. pakgad tgh syok tdo dlm pondok tuh..dBa ketuk2 x mau baNgun plak tuh...ayyoo..shian bini dier,sure seksa.. huhuhu... there goes my exhausting day.. eh, satu part lg.. while my head was fantasizing how good it wud be to b in bed rite now, suddenly i saw someone was sleeping on my bed...hua,,,nk nangishhh rase... a fren of my fren tumpang tdo... last2 dba end up by sleeping in d living room wif my fellow blood sucking pet thinking "kalo bleh x nk bangun smpai 2 hari" ..... =P (adeh, berasap jari aku..)