Friday, June 12, 2009

The BIG event of 2009...

Gokyo Ri - 5483 m
Kalapattar - 5545 m

Everest Base Camp - 5600 m

November 2007... Syukur... i have conquered them all..

Now... another challenge by nature... am i up for it??????

Another peak standing 6160 m above sea level..

In between the Himalayan Mountains and the Great Everest....

An expedition that requires strong mind body and soul... Not to forget...a reliable crampon, harnest, ice axe and sense of humor...

IMJA TSE or better known as the ISLAND PEAK~~!!!!!

Where to be in November 2009???

The trekking

The icy mountain

The rope

The slope

The climb

The peak~!!

I can still remember how its like to be lacking of oxygen, to make a single step that is heavy as a whale, to feel frustrated that others are climbing faster, to feel the pain of PMS while balancing urself crossing a river, to eat the same near to tasteless food everyday for more than 2 weeks.. Not forgetting the coldness during night (up to -22c) and the sun burning ur cheek during the day.. I remember how i missed shower sooooo much...

But i also remember the first time snow touches my head.. The first time i ever felt so relief reaching the high peaks.. And the love and friendship that grows along the journey...

Am i up for it>>>?????

I think the answer is yes.... InsyaAllah....

(sometimes i feel like my heart is half way there .... )