Saturday, April 16, 2005

melayu muDah lupa...

haitt..its been a while...last nite i just came back from BTN maran.. urm,not so good, not so bad..

1) nice food 6 times daily= good... do d dishes urself= bad!
2) 1st time experience abseiling= good.. ppl notice d diameter of ur butt = bad!
3) cute boys = good.. younger cute boys= bad!
4) well equipped air-conditioned hall= good... ZZZzz kena 'celak setan' = bad!
5) test my patience = good.. tawaf keliling surau ( situ jer 'port' baik) holding ur hanset up in d air 4 a single sms= bad!

huhuhu..but whut i can conclude from the BTN is perjuangan belum selesai..perjuangan Melayu belum selesai..perjuangan mahasiswa Melayu belum selesai............. fullstop.