Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 already kah..2010 already lah...

OMG... its 2010 already.. and my promise (to myself ) to update all my activities and happenings in 2009 before new year, failed! (miserably)..Hehehe.. Tak sempat ok... Bz with sooo many things~!! Half year of 2009 was packed and here are some headlines on what i planned to share in my blog:

- My sister's engagement
- My engagement ;P
- My sister's wedding.. (im her wedding planner,pembuat hantaran,'kuli'kutif,volunteer,tukang decide n much more)
- My w..oopss.. blom lagi..hihihi..
- Shape run (limau cicir..)
- Training and Island Peak, Nepal expedition (unbelieveble to summit the peak @ 6200m mountain!!)
- Fitness test @ BNM (i won rm250 Nike voucher)

- Trip to Sungai Tekala with Limau's office mates
- I bought a house~!

- Berbuka puasa sessions..Muhibbah TTDI,,Wong Solo, Eden, RedBox?,Curve etc..
-Raya =)
- My boyfriend's bestfriend wedding.. (iba+eli)

- My bestfriend's wedding.. (Meeda+Sazali)
- My bestfriend's wedding lagi (Fiza+Aris)

- Shopping marathon @ Pavillion (can u imagine, we shop @ Pavillion selama 5 hari dlm seminggu tu, crazy..
- New year celebration (home alone..nope, home and lonely - Sebab Limau outstation n tak balik2 smpai skrg ..Middle of Feb kot dia baru balik.. Sigh!)

And for this January 2010, dah start bz balik... with so many things.. Minggu lps pegi Chocolate Fair @ Midvalley.. Weekend bebaru nih i climbed Bukit Tabur, kat Melawati tu..Join Meon & his officemates (they are planning to go to G. Tahan this March).. Here are some of the pictures..

**I know Limau..Shut up, i know what u r going to say..



Dgn bdk2 UIA - bodek sbb nak potong que (nk turun cliff guna tali..)

Geng Meon
KL view
**I know.. I admit muka i mcm belon skrg..

Nice scenery

@ the peak
**Haa~!! Gmbr ni peha i tak nmpk gemuk sgt kan..hahahaha

The sweetest

I've crossed this path before..dgn sape ek..