Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Trusmadi xpedition

June 2008 marked significant memories for 11 central bankers s they have successfully climbed d summit of Mount Trusmadi, Sabah, Malaysia’s 2nd highest mountain. Unlike Mount Kinabalu which ascent is relatively easy, Mount Trusmadi is much tougher to climb & is reputed to have d best view & d seldom-seen south face of Mount Kinabalu.

We arrived @ KK ,check-in @ Budget Hotel & straight went shopping for food and souveniers.

Nyummy fresh seafoods

@ Fillipino Market - crazy beautiful pearls & crystals

Since we didnt get d permit to climb on d following day, we decided to experience ourselves d unique mud volcano bath at Pulau Tiga, where d first season of “Survivor” was filmed.

Dont b surprise!!! This is not swamp thing ok!

From shore u need to trek around 1.5km into d jungle.The most wonderful thing about this mudbath session is d sense of free floating. I felt a bit difficult to control my body to stay put. Tumbling around back n forth,u can never estimate how deep d thick cement look-a-like pond is..


(another 2 minutes we will b self-made statues)

From Tambunan,2 hours ride in a 4x4 to d starting point. Trekking in coldness, every drop of rain made our 20kg plus knapsacks heavier..

(Looking so amateur)

Rainin heavily everyday n stop ONLY at nite
As everybody arrived, the sun was setting down. Fortunately, the rain stopped and the majestic view of Gunung Kinabalu was revealed. We slept through the night filled with our own-cooked food, recharging for the final assault of Trusmadi peak.

After breakfast, we started our exploration of amazingly beautiful trail headed for d peak. Wif rain accompanying us without fail, many sections we had to walk in line on a slower pace as d trail were almost 90 degrees slope with only a half-inch nylon rope for support. I even encountered experience with snake while climbing the steep rocky alley. We touched down @ summit feelin xtraordinary satisfied. While some busy taking pictures, some others enjoy every sip of ginseng energy drink they carried all d way up!

During descent, still it was raining. Our knapsacks got heavier and heavier by d hour. We were so exhausted n shivering, having our heads down avoiding rain slapping our face. In extreme pressure and energy-sapping, the rain still didn't stop. Hurrying along the saddle, sense of relief emerged as d day began to fade. We safely reached an abandoned old house, which for us no less than a palace. That night we finished most of our ration while exchanging stories with the guides.

We considered ourselves being rewarded for d hardship and struggle as we resumed our adventure a bit leisure. We spent a night at d Borneo Proboscis River Lodge, to c d Proboscis Monkey “live”. We also experience the breathtaking view of fireflies @ nite. The next day, from mangrove forest to d sea side,we were mesmerized by the beautiful sunset at Tempurung Beach..

For Sofaz album-cover competition
There goes d xpedition, sound like more "feel"than thrill huh? Hehehe..

@ KK - Precise 108m ok!!