Thursday, September 14, 2006

i like ur shirt .. i really do.

"i like your shirt" means nothing,
when something said not meant..
one's priority not necessarily a big thing,
depends on what u benefited or spent..
even simple thought can means something,
u might confuse its a gift or threat..
the point that its far precious than anything,
reflect the voyage definitely worth its dread..

i wonder how it slip through my tongue
when it feels like confronting devil's young,
i suppose its better than get stung,
by someone's affection that leads u love drunk..

it amazes me how fast time fly,
i cant even remember how many stall's we have tried..
it sure's good to hav u droppin by,
coz we never know till when God have us tied..

weirdly inspired, bAd dBa..